Comspace team provides focused strategy and operational advice to a wide variety of commercial and government services companies. Unlike large consulting firms, Comspace quickly provides its clients the most efficient and cost-effective guidance without layering inexperienced people on a project. Because the Comspace team has direct operational and management experience in many functions of technology business, firms can use us to solve current problems and avoid costly strategic mistakes. Our advisory experience spans Fortune 500 companies, Government task forces, venture capital firms, small business startups, and international joint ventures. We have unparalleled relationships with legal, accounting, and venture capital firms that provide value-added networks for our clients. Our close affiliation with law and accounting firms is especially valuable for technology firms seeking legal and accounting specialists in Telecommunications, Aerospace, IT, and Export Control law.

Example services to clients have included:

  • Strategic and business planning
  • Financial planning, capital creation, mergers and acquisitions
  • Infrastructure development
  • Legal, technical, and financial service referrals
  • Market assessments
  • Program management planning
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Strategic partnering and joint venture creation

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